Alberta High School Diploma

The path to an Alberta High School Diploma is well-suited to adult students who have already acquired several high school credits (i.e. approximately 85 or more), but still need to complete several courses to meet graduation requirements.

Unlike their teenage counterparts, adults striving to graduate are not required to complete Career and Life Management 20 (CALM 20) nor Physical Education 10, but they still must reach a total of 100 credits to earn their Alberta High School Diploma.

Prospective students should meet with the CFL Adult Education Coordinator to discuss what is required for completion. 

Graduation Requirements

A mature student must earn a minimum of 100 credits from the following courses to attain an Alberta High School Diploma. The requirements for entry into post-secondary institutions and workplaces may require additional and/or specific courses.

  • 30-Level English Language Arts (30-1 or 30-2)
  • 30-Level Social Studies (30-1 or 30-2)
  • 20-Level Mathematics (20-1, 20-2 or 20-3)
  • 20-Level Science (Science 20 or 24, Biology 20, Chemistry 20 or Physics 20)
  • 10 Credits from Any Combination of:
    • Career and Technology Studies (CTS) courses
    • Fine Arts courses
    • Second Languages courses
    • Physical Education 20 and/or 30
    • Knowledge and Employability courses
    • Registered Apprenticeship Program courses
    • Locally developed courses in CTS, second languages or Knowledge and Employability occupational courses
  • 10 Credits in Any 30-Level Course Other Than 30-Level Language Arts and Social Studies, Including:
    • 30-Level locally developed courses
    • Advanced Level (3000 series) CTS courses
    • 30-Level Work Experience courses
    • 30-Level Knowledge and Employability courses
    • 30-Level Registered Apprenticeship Program courses
    • 30-Level Green Certificate Specialization courses
    • Special Projects 30