Alberta High School Equivalency Diploma

Students who are at least 18 years of age or older on September 1 of the current school year, and have been out of high school for at least 10 consecutive months, may earn an Alberta High School Equivalency Diploma. 

Unlike a standard Alberta High School Diploma, an Equivalency Diploma recognizes real-life learning students have experienced after leaving high school. Students may need to complete and/or challenge courses in order to meet the requirements for an Equivalency Diploma, but additional credits may be earned based on each student's age and experience. 

In most cases, students must earn at least 42 credits through coursework, but it is possible to succeed in acquiring an Equivalency Diploma with significantly fewer credits.

Prospective students should meet with the CFL Adult Education Coordinator to determine if they are able to earn an Equivalency Diploma without having to take the General Educational Development (GED) tests

Graduation Requirements

To be considered for the Alberta High School Equivalency Diploma, students must acquire the following credits.

High School Course Credits

  • 30-Level English Language Arts (30-1 or 30-2)
  • One additional 30-Level 5-Credit high school course
  • One 5-Credit Mathematics course
  • One 3- or 5-Credit Science course
  • At least 42 additional high school credits

Additional Credits

If required, mature students can earn additional credits without completing high school course work in order to reach the required 100-credit total. Up to 40 credits maximum can be awarded to students who meet the following criteria.

Credits for Adult Education (maximum 15)

Documentation must be provided to the evaluator in the form of official transcripts, certificates, letters proving successful completion, etc.

Credits for Age (maximum 15)

  • Age 21-24: 5 credits
  • Age 25-29: 10 credits
  • Age 30 and up: 15 credits

Credits for Extensive Travel (maximum 5)

In a written essay, the student will explain how travel has influenced their appreciation of other cultures and lifestyles, and aided in the development of their personal values (maximum of 500 words).

Credits for Extensive Reading (maximum 5)

In a written essay, the student will describe how reading extensively has contributed to their personal growth and/or career progression to date and/or how it may contribute in future. The student must site one or two passages to support this opinion (maximum of 500 words).