Student Responsibilities

Building Futures empowers students and builds connections with the community. To provide students with this opportunity, we must ensure they are completing the academic portion of the program and acting as good role models within the community.

This means:

  • Students will need to be able to work independently and to the best of their ability to reach their academic potential and maintain their grades. 
  • The learning environment must be a place with minimal distractions where students can focus on their work. 
  • Students are responsible to complete any assignments they miss while learning on the job site portion of the program.

Academic, Behaviour & Safety Standards 

Academics will always be prioritized in Building Futures. Should a student fall behind in their studies, measures will be taken to assist them in catching up. This may mean the student will miss time on-site and/or work on assignments during lunchtime. In extreme cases, teachers and Administration may review the student's compatibility with the program, with the possibility of the student's removal. 

Students must adhere to the professional expectations of Coventry Homes and any other community partner they work with, and behave appropriately while on site. The house they build together will eventually become somebody's home and needs to be finished to a professional standard.

While on-site, students will be expected to comply with safety standards set out by both Occupational Health and Safety (OHS) and Parkland School Division. Should students be deemed working unsafely, their behaviour will be corrected with the expectation to comply with instructions immediately. There is no time for long, drawn-out safety debates in a construction zone. Safety is paramount in the Building Futures program. We want all students to have a positive experience and stay safe on the job site.

More Information 

For more information about responsibilities related to the Building Futures program, please refer to the Student Responsibilities and Guardian Acknowledgement forms.