Community Partnerships

The My PATH Program fosters authentic human and environmental connection using community content experts to deliver programming. We work closely with more than 40 community partners to deliver high quality, experiential learning that is connected to core competencies and student learning outcomes.

We would like to thank and acknowledge the following community partners for supporting our students and families. Through these partnerships, we are able to provide our students with high level coaching, diverse learning experiences, unique opportunities and expert assessment. This community-based approach to education ensures that our students are being supported by multiple positive adult role models in their pursuit of academic success and lifelong health.

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We love learning about new programming opportunities in our region, and are always looking for new activities to add to our schedule. If you offer programming for children and youth, and are interested in joining the My PATH community, please complete and submit this form.

Become a Community Partner

Become a Community Sponsor

We are also grateful for our community partners who provide financial aid to students in need. More information on scholarships and their sponsors can be found on our Scholarship Opportunities page.

If your business is interested in sponsorship opportunities, please contact Program Navigator, Natasha Rychlik at

Aerials Gymnastics Club

There are so many health benefits for children who participate in the sport of gymnastics including improved coordination and flexibility, increased strength and balance, cognitive skill development, stronger bones, and positive self esteem.

Aerials Gymnastics, located in Spruce Grove, is dedicated to providing safe and high quality gymnastics for all children. Individuals of all ages and abilities are encouraged to develop in a positive, respectful environment.

Through this partnership, My PATH students experience a six- to eight-week session of gymnastics, where they are initially assessed to determine their starting level, and are progressively challenged and re-assessed at the end of the session. Aerials is a regular partner as gymnastics is an integral part of the My PATH program design.

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Athletics Alberta

Athletics Alberta is the provincial governing body for track and field, cross country and road running. As a branch member of Athletics Canada, Athletics Alberta is made up of individual members, member clubs and affiliated organizations. The purpose of the association is to promote, encourage and develop the widest participation and the highest proficiency in the sport of athletics.

Athletics Alberta provides professional track and field coaches to teach running, jumping and throwing skills to the My PATH students in Grades 6-9.

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Classic Kids Music

Classic Kids is an educational music program where various genres of music are used to teach rhythm, note recognition, music expression & interpretation and music history, as well as develop hand-eye coordination and more! Teacher Cherise Giesbrecht has adapted the program to include more active learning games to add movement to music and further engage students.

Music classes are included for our Grade 1-6 students as part of the Program of Studies requirements.

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Capital-SP Soccer

Capital-SP is an exciting soccer company in the Stony Plain, Spruce Grove & Parkland County area that aims to prepare and equip players with the necessary skills to compete at the highest level achievable. Focusing on the ABC’S of soccer - Agility, Balance, Coordination & Speed - they believe in creating a modern well-rounded player.

Capital-SP joined the My PATH program in 2020 as a regular partner, and provides professional soccer coaching to all students in Grades 1-9.

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Deep Blue Athletics

Deep Blue Athletics Ltd is an elite all-star cheerleading company anchored in the desire to ensure a strong athletic foundation while fostering the safe development and progression of new skills. They empower athletes to succeed in and out of the gym by providing high quality instructors and exceptional role models.

Owners Deanna Kibblewhite and Heather Rosenthal created DBA to provide a safe and well structured all-star cheerleading program for the children and youth of Parkland County. Together they have over 40 years of experience in the cheerleading community: as athletes in high school, as part of the professional Edmonton Eskimos Cheer Team, as coaches for various ages and levels of cheer, and as judges for the Alberta Cheerleading Association (ACA).

Deep Blue is an original partner of the My PATH Program and continues to offer a fantastic program each year to our students.

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Edmonton Ultimate Players Association

The Edmonton Ultimate Players Association (EUPA) was established in 2001 as an organization devoted to promoting the ultimate community within Edmonton, Alberta, Canada. As a part of its mission to further the sport of ultimate, EUPA organizes year-round leagues, runs several regional tournaments and offers player-development opportunities and youth programs.

My PATH students learn the basic concepts of ultimate (throwing, defense and gameplay) while working on their spatial awareness, balance and proprioception, hand-eye coordination and multisensory processing, and learning the importance of empathy, honesty, self-regulation, personal growth, responsibility. In addition, they will discover how to resolve conflicts in a quick, effective and fair manner.

Ultimate is a non-contact sport, so the risk of serious injury is reduced. Students who are unsuccessful at traditional team sports tend to enjoy ultimate, and playing the game provides all students with the opportunity to remain active and involved in a team sport. In addition, equipment costs for ultimate are minimal, and students can easily practice their throwing skills outside of school.

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Environmental Stewardship / Outdoor Education with Jeanette Radchenko

Students will love exploring all that nature has to offer in this amazing program facilitated by Jeanette Radchenko. Jeanette was raised in rural Alberta, and has always enjoyed spending time exploring the outdoors, as a young girl, camp leader, mother and Nature Kindergarten teacher with Parkland School Division. When her own children entered the education system, Jeanette realized that there was a huge disconnect between children and nature, and thus she made it her goal to help children gain an appreciation for the land, strengthen their bond with nature, make more sustainable choices in their everyday lives and advocate for a more sustainable future.

Throughout this year-round program, students will explore all that nature has to offer within Stony Plain and the surrounding area, participating in activities and learning about: 

  • Cross-country skiing
  • Horsemanship
  • Fort building
  • Fire starting and safety
  • Outdoor cooking
  • Animal tracking
  • Ice and snow safety
  • Wood whittling
  • Nature art
  • Conservation and environmental education

Much of the program content corresponds with the science curriculum, and is a great way for students to deepen their understanding.

Ever Active Schools

Ever Active Schools is a registered national charity designed to create and support healthy school communities through a comprehensive school health approach.

Together with the My PATH program staff and students, Ever Active Schools continues to explore active transportation as a sustainable travel mode and an effective way to build physical activity into the day.

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KaRAR Performing Arts

Since KaRAR Performing Arts was founded as a non-profit organization in 2009, the studio has earned the reputation of producing professional quality, full range productions, which all include multiple elements of performing arts: dance, music and theatre.

KaRAR is dedicated to:

  • Providing thorough technique training
  • Establishing a friendly dance community
  • Employing qualified, energetic instructors
  • Using wholesome music and choreography
  • Fostering a school-wide love of the arts

KaRAR feels strongly that all the performing arts should be celebrated, and that all students should have the opportunity to be challenged in new areas. They aspire to create lifelong performers!

In the 28-week KaRAR program, My PATH students receive training in:

  • Drama - Improvisation, blocking, scripts and more.
  • Musical Theatre - A combination of Broadway-style singing, dance and drama.
  • Dance - Hip-Hop, plus a range of "try it out" classes in several other dance genres.

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Make Your Mark Consulting

Make Your Mark owner and operator Halie Mark has always loved art, décor and crafting. Through a variety of engaging, hands-on projects, Halie encourages students to explore their creativity.

Halie has planned a custom program for My PATH students to help beautify our community while exploring a variety of art mediums. Creativity is so important to everyone’s health, so we ensure all students in Grades 1-9 have the opportunity to express themselves in this way through this program.

Parkland Hockey Group

Craig Kibblewhite and Jason Fischer started Parkland Hockey Group in 2013 to service Stony Plain, Spruce Grove and Parkland County. Currently, they work with the following associations:

  • Beaumont Minor Hockey
  • Westlock Minor Hockey
  • Edson Minor Hockey
  • Eagles Hockey Academy
  • Spruce Grove Saints

Coach Jordi Cocks grew up in Spruce Grove where she found her love of skating at an early age. She has figure skated for over sixteen years and enjoys all aspects of the ice. Jordi is a certified Skate Canada Power Skating Coach as well as a Certified Skate Canada Figure Skating Coach.

Parkland Hockey Group provides on-ice training for My PATH students. Students learn to be confident and competent on the ice and develop sport-specific skills as well as skating fundamentals.

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Parkland Rugby Club Sharks

The Parkland Rugby Club Sharks are a community-based club that provides programming for men, women, and youth in the Tri-Region.

My PATH students in Grades 1-9 get opportunities to work with some of the top rugby coaches to learn this unique game.

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Remuda Horsemanship

Remuda Horsemanship is an equine-assisted social skill development program in which participants are encouraged to develop pro-social skills through interaction with horses. The program concentrates on teaching traditional horsemanship methods, and combines them with activities and ideologies from existing adventure-based learning programs. This combination distinguishes Remuda as a unique program.

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Sportball Edmonton

Sportball helps children develop socially and physically through a curriculum developed to reinforce self-confidence without the pressure of competition.

Designed for children from 16 months to 10 years of age, Sportball Edmonton's programs provide a skills-driven, high-energy and fun-filled curriculum. These programs introduce children to the fundamental concepts and skills behind eight popular ball sports:

  • Baseball
  • Football
  • Basketball
  • Golf
  • Hockey
  • Soccer
  • Tennis
  • Volleyball

Sportball provides this excellent multi-sport learning experience to My PATH students in Grades 1-5 and runs as a seven-week session.

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Stony Plain Bombers Football

The Stony Plain Football Association offers the sport to kids from Novice to Bantam level. The Bombers Club facilitates a flag football league in the fall that is designed to be a fun learning opportunity for players, without any heavy time commitments. It is a good way to keep active, touch base with friends and also to introduce new players to a non-contact version of football! Coach Nathan Bartley is a dynamic, engaging instructor who connects well with students and ensures everyone is always having fun while learning.

Flag Football is a sport program in My PATH for Grade 6-9 students.

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Stony Plain Public Library

The Stony Plain Public Library is an original My PATH partner that provides service-learning opportunities in the community for our students. SPPL children’s programmer, Laura McGillis, coordinates a variety of engaging activities that enhance student’s learning through a service lens by addressing specific needs in our community.

Some of the experiences that students have enjoyed include:

  • Intergenerational learning through recreational activities with our senior community
  • Learning to cook and prepare healthy meals on a budget
  • Repairing bicycles at our local youth centre
  • Sidewalk shoveling for seniors in our community
  • Raising funds for and donating to the Parkland Food Bank, MOMS Canada and the local animal shelter
  • Collecting gently used warm clothing for those in need

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TransAlta Tri Leisure Centre 

The TransAlta Tri Leisure Centre (TLC) is a one-stop shop for health and wellness. They serve the active community members in Spruce Grove, Stony Plain and Parkland County and take pride in collaborating with various community-based programs like the My PATH Program, serving as the location for many program activities, and providing athletic development training as a year-round program with our students. This program is integral to the physical literacy development of our students, and is designed to help them feel confident and competent enough to try the variety of sport and recreation activities the My PATH Program offers. 

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Town of Stony Plain

The Town of Stony Plain has been a wonderful partner to My PATH, right from the beginning. They believe in the importance of community and educators working together to develop future active citizens.

We rely on town services and facilities for a large part of our program, and have established great relationships with municipal staff. Through a collaborative project involving Ever Active Schools, Parkland School Division and the Town of Stony Plain, our students designed banners about the benefits of active travel that are now displayed along a major roadway in Stony Plain.

Our students learn about the history and culture of the Town through collaboration with the Stony Plain Library, and our Grade 8 and 9 students participate in a Community Helpers Training program where they become certified leaders in providing peer to peer support.

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