Stony Creek Program

The Stony Creek program is an alternative education program of choice that serves students in Grades 1-9.

This program is a partnership between the school and home. Students attend school on a modified schedule. Staff work collaboratively with families to support the homeschooling portion or with parent-designated community program providers to support assessment and programming. This gives parents flexibility to create a customized curriculum based on a student’s interests, needs and abilities when they are not attending Connections for Learning.

Typically, there are multi-graded classrooms depending upon student distribution over the grades. For example, a classroom will be formed when there are enough enrolled students. Conversely, if there are too many enrolled students for a particular multi-graded classroom, interested families will be placed on a waiting list. Our goal is to keep our class sizes smaller with a target population of 20-25 students, but this number may vary depending on grade and class composition.

The Stony Creek Program offers two schedules from which parents can choose:

Please note: Stony Creek is considered to be a program of choice within Parkland School Division. For this reason, bus students in the Stony Creek program will be subject to school-of-choice transportation fees. Please see the Parkland School Division website for more information.