Stony Creek Core

School Delivery

In Stony Creek Core, students are assigned to multi-graded classrooms, and attend Connections for Learning Monday through Friday from 8:30am-12:20pm to learn academic subjects (i.e. Language Arts, Math, Science and Social Studies).

Teachers plan activities where the parents are encouraged to volunteer in the classroom (for a minimum of 8 hours over the course of the school year).

Parent/Community Program Delivery

The remainder of the Stony Creek Core program is administered by parents or designates in consultation with teachers, who conduct visits to collaborate and create programs with them that meet the learning outcomes of the Alberta curriculum.

This program grants parents the flexibility to choose resources that they feel meet the needs of their children (pending teacher approval). 

Parents are required to attend the Annual General Meeting at the start of each school year, and each family is encouraged to take on a volunteering role to enrich the program for students, such as:

  • Stony Creek Advisory Committee
  • Hot Lunch Program
  • Class Project / Event Assistance
  • Field Trip Supervision

My PATH (Grades 1-9)

Many of our students in Stony Creek Core participate in My PATH, a community-based program that enables children to connect with and serve their community, to be active in a variety of environments, and to develop a positive relationship with finances, movement, food and nutrition.

For more information about My PATH, please visit CFL's My PATH page.