Y(our) Program

Y(our) Program is a Parkland School Division alternative high school program of choice built on your questions, your ideas, and your impact on community.

Y(our) Program is a student-led learning environment which combines core curriculum with out-of-classroom learning opportunities. Students will take charge of their learning by creating custom projects and opportunities with teachers and community members, which will have real-world outcomes and impact in their communities.

Aimed at creating an environment where students can live out Parkland School Division’s vision - ensuring they possess the confidence, resilience, insight and skills required to thrive in, and positively impact, the world - Y(our) Program ignites students’ curiosity, illuminates their passions, builds their world-changing abilities, fosters collaboration, social emotional learning and equity. Y(our) Program supports students’ brave and confident pursuit of their ideas and dreams.

Each student will work on a variety of personal passion projects which have a direct impact on their community throughout the three years of Y(our) Program. These projects provide a personalized learning approach, which gives students the relationships, tools and experiences that help them develop as community leaders and innovators. These inquiry-based, authentic learning opportunities help students to think critically, explore deeply, challenge themselves, and contribute positively to their world; and to allow them to learn from their failures and successes in a safe environment. 

Emphasis will be placed on developing a proactive, holistic lifestyle, including mental health and social emotional literacy, active living, nutrition, and strong partner/family relationships and community connections.

Who is Y(our) Program For?

Y(our) Program is designed to serve learners of all kinds, but specializes in serving those who want to learn in different ways.

The ideal students are passionate and want to have an impact on their community and world. This approach to education is for learners looking for complex challenges, authentic learning opportunities and a chance to take part in co-designing their own learning path.

Through this homeroom approach to high school, staff collaborate with students using authentic inquiry pathways to develop passion projects and other learning activities. These activities comprise a learner’s personalized, interdisciplinary approach to curriculum.

Y(our) Program students are still able to attend some regularly scheduled high school courses (such as CTS) while experiencing the benefit of the homeroom approach for other subjects.

The Y(our) Program is a good fit for students who:

  • Are looking for a learning environment that's different from the traditional classroom setting;
  • Want to fulfill all high school graduation requirements;
  • Would like to be part of a tight-knit homeroom class where they can develop close, positive relationships;
  • Can set goals and make plans to add structure to their day;
  • Can work effectively on their own, while still seeking out assistance as necessary; and
  • Want more flexibility in the timing of their high school career.