What's Different? What's the Same?

Why this school and not a different one? Great question! See the table below for a brief illustration of the similarities and the differences between Y(our) Program at CFL and mainstream high schools.  

What’s the Same? 

Just like at other high schools, upon successful completion of Y(our) Program, students will graduate from high school with all the necessary requirements for an Alberta High School Diploma. Students may choose to go to post secondary, or into any other career path after Y(our) Program.

What’s Different? 

Subjects, courses, and classes

AB curriculum is covered through a cross-disciplinary approach built around student-centered inquiry projects.

Level of personalization

Personal learning paths are co-created by learners, teachers and community partners. Intersection points and emerging needs/goals inform what is done individually and what is done in groups. Students have flexibility in course selection, assessment, pacing, and the community partners they choose to make their learning come alive.

Curriculum design

Curriculum is built on personal curiosity and relationships through a close learner-teacher relationship, with room for occasional “nudges” by the teacher into areas of learning the learner may not have thought of alone. Learning is competency-based and centered around collaborating with community leaders to have a positive impact around complex community challenges.

How learners are grouped

Learners are grouped in whatever configuration makes sense. Sometimes by interest, sometimes by similarity, sometimes by difference. Groupings are dynamic and may sometimes include community members/experts.

Learning environment

Learning will take place where it makes sense for the learning to happen. A variety of learning environments in partnership with the community will be utilized, which could be inside or outside the classroom.

Connection and contribution to the greater community

Learners are encouraged to develop real-world projects based on their own inquiries, and to access the world outside for mentorship, modelling or ideas for future projects. Opportunities are co-created alongside community to have a positive impact on local or global issues.