Prospective Students

The Parkland Student Athlete Academy (PSAA) is a program of choice for Grades 6-12 that provides high performance student athletes with technical, theoretical and experiential opportunities while keeping them engaged in a rich and complete school community focused on academic achievement. Our aim is to provide high performance programming from local providers at an affordable cost. 

PSAA is a collaboration between Parkland School Division and a number of community partners who offer high quality athletic development in their given sport. This program fosters a long-term approach to high performance athletic development, centered around the physical, mental, emotional and cognitive improvement of the student athletes. 

PSAA students in Grades 6-9 attend academic programming at École Broxton Park School in Spruce Grove, while those in Grades 10-12 attend their designated Parkland School Division high school (MCHS or SGCHS). Sport programming is held at various local athletic venues, depending on each student's chosen sport(s). 

Please note: PSAA is considered to be a program of choice within Parkland School Division. For this reason, Grade 6-9 bus students in the PSAA program will be subject to school-of-choice transportation fees. Please see the Parkland School Division website for more information.


We envision Parkland Student Athlete Academy as the premier program of its kind in Alberta. We will expand our influence by including more grades, sports, and locations over time. We will support students in their pursuits and help them become successful life long learners. Our students will be known as hard workers who pursue growth and development passionately as they strive to achieve their goals, dreams, and individual potential.  


At Parkland Student Athlete Academy, we operate within a commitment-based culture. Our staff and students each establish a series of personal behavioural standards that are shared through commitment statements. If any member of the PSAA team is failing to live up to expectations, their teachers, coaches, and peers will support them until they are back on track. Relating to each other in this way creates community by building trust. 

Though PSAA staff and students' individual commitments may vary slightly, overall:

  • We commit to working as a team
  • We commit to showing humility in victory and graciousness in defeat
  • We commit to leading ourselves before we lead others
  • We commit to serving others to grow our influence as leaders
  • We commit to taking calculated risks in our learning
  • We commit to being honest to ourselves and others
  • We commit to treating our peers with compassion and kindness
  • We commit to holding ourselves accountable
  • We commit to maximizing our abilities as learners
  • We commit to showing resilience in the face of adversity
  • We commit to pursuing excellence

More Information

If you are interested in enroling in the Parkland Student Athlete Academy, please continue reading through the pages in this section to see if this program is right for you and/or your child. For further inquiries, please contact Connections for Learning using one of the methods below.

For more information contact:
Connections For Learning
Phone: 780-963-0507