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IP In-Person Only
PM Print Modular Only
VL Virtual Learning Only
IP PM In-Person or Print Modular
IP VL In-Person or Virtual Learning
PM VL Print Modular or Virtual Learning
ALL In-Person, Print Modular or Virtual Learning

DIP Diploma Exam Course
$ Additional Fee Required
BD Book Deposit Required
Grade 7 Prerequisite
8 Grade 8 Prerequisite

Parkland Summer Adventure Camp

IP $

Prerequisite: Completion of Grade 9
Credits: 10

Connections for Learning is offering a day program that incorporates canoe paddling, wildlife exploration, outdoor education, and Indigenous ways of knowing.

Students in this active, outdoor summer school will learn about physical education and Canada in a brand new way - all while earning high school credit. Don't miss out on this exciting, affordable learning experience!

Students will have the opportunity to earn the following credits:

  • HCS 2020 First Aid and CPR with AED (1 credit)
  • WLD1050 People, Culture & Wildlife Heritage (1 credit)
  • WLD1060 Wilderness Navigation (1 credit)
  • WLD1100 Outdoor Cooking Theory (1 credit)
  • WLD1130 Outdoor Survival Skills (1 credit)
  • WLD2100 Outdoor Cooking Practice (1 credit)
  • ENS1010 Intro to Stewardship (1 credit)
  • ENS1040 Living With The Environment (1 credit)
  • HSS1020 Nutrition and Wellness (1 credit)
  • HSS1100 Nature and Wellness (1 credit)

Locations: Connections For Learning & Camp Yowochas (Township Road 532, Fallis, AB)

Dates & Times:

  • July 4 & 5, 8:30am-4pm @ CFL
  • July 6-15, 8am-4:45pm @ Camp Yowochas
    • 8am: Meet at CFL to load bus for Yowochas
    • 8:45am: Bus arrives at Camp Yowochas
    • 9am: Course activities begin
    • 4pm: Bus loads and departs for CFL
    • 4:45pm: Return to CFL

Please note:

  • This course has an additional fee of $200 - please see the Summer School Fees page for details. A funding subsidy is available.
  • Students may catch a bus from Spruce Grove to Connections for Learning and the camp location. The bus departs at 8:15am and returns at 4:45pm.