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Connections For Learning (CFL) is an alternative education site for Parkland School Division that hosts a variety of programs to support parental choice and student learning needs. Programming is available for Grades 1-12. There are notable differences in the structure of our various programs to suit students and families.




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Making programs fit kids, not kids fit programs.

Unique Features of Our School

  • Flexibility is a key feature allowing for full-time, part-time, and home-based programs. Within each of these programs is the potential to individualize instruction to meet student needs and/or incorporate parental involvement.
  • There are also several options for levels of teacher support for students and families. Programs range from being fully teacher-directed to being fully parent-managed. Families may be supported by teachers via workshops, appointments, telephone, and/or email when assistance is required.
  • As well, there are several options for program delivery including face to face, pencil and paper or online.  
  • Individualized programs are created for students in all of our programs to allow them to flourish in their areas of strength and to be supported in areas of growth.

Benefits of Attending On-Site

  • Strong supportive relationships with staff members as we know that for learning to occur, students must feel safe, cared for, and that their ideas will be respected.
  • An inclusive environment where all students are respected and included in activities to their comfort level.
  • We have strong supports for students’ social and emotional development through the roles of our Support and Mentor Coordinator by offering targeted supports such as student mentoring, Rainbows, Zones of Regulation, and Friendship Club. Our sensory room provides a calming place in the school for students to self-regulate. As well, we are beginning to implement mindfulness activities into classrooms to provide students with experiences and strategies to control their regulation and deal with anxiety and difficult emotions. 
  • A focus on student health through the work of the staff Health Champion, daily physical activity, and various activities throughout the year focused on positive mental health, nutrition, and healthy physical development.  


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Connections For Learning
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Email: cfl@psd.ca