Virtual Learning

Learn Anywhere, Anytime and Anyplace.

Virtual Learning students have the opportunity to make meaningful connections between their life and their learning. Through flexibility in education delivery and programming, Virtual Learning allows students to explore their world outside of school while taking every opportunity to link these endeavours to their school experience.

Students may be looking to schedule their education around travel, athletic pursuits, work responsibilities or any other unique experiences that present themselves. Parents may be looking to take on a more involved role in their child’s learning journey, or connect their child with an opportunity that will enrich their lived and learned experience. Virtual Learning can be a great solution in any of these scenarios.

Schoology for Registered Students

Virtual Learning (Grades 1-9)

Benefits of Virtual Learning

  • Flexibility - Integrate your education into your lifestyle. 
  • Location - Learn from anywhere with an internet connection.
  • Pace - Adjust the pace in which you move through the Alberta Curriculum to meet your needs.
  • Content - Access, play, pause and repeat engaging lessons at your convenience.
  • Collaboration - Work with our staff to create a personalized plan that suits you.
  • Opportunity - Integrate your passions into your education .
  • Communication - Get the guidance you need from your teacher in real time, or at a time that works for you.
  • Connection - Connect with your teacher through a user-friendly and tool-rich Learning Management System.
  • Community - Interact with other students and staff in small groups or one-on-one.
  • Choice - Demonstrate your learning in a variety of different ways.
  • Feedback - Receive grades and comments on your progress in a timely manner. 


"CFL has opened our eyes to an outstanding level of education, setting the bar so high that sending them to a different physical school next year is still undecided. We are very happy with CFL, as are our children.”

- Grade 4 & 6 parent

"Thank you for all that you guys are doing. We sure feel lucky; everyone else around us is struggling, or their kids are, and my kids are doing better learning this way than in class. ”

- Grade 1 & 3 parent

"This was not an easy decision to make - traditional school, traditional home school, virtual... etc. I cannot express enough how much the support from [Virtual Learning teachers] has made this experience one that we will forever see as positive and rewarding… [My child] comes to the table with a huge smile on his face ready and waiting for the adventures of the day.”

- Grade 1 parent

"Thank you very much for the amazing Remembrance Day service! It was very moving and engaging. My children were so proud to see their art displayed.”

- Virtual Learning parent