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Benefits of Home Education at CFL

There are many benefits to partnering with Connections For Learning to provide your child with a home education. We recognize that every student is unique, and that every Home Education plan is different. We strive to act in a supportive role, providing families with as many quality learning opportunities as possible. Some of these benefits and opportunities include:

A Customized, Simple Approach

It is your Home Education program. We want to support you and your education plan in a simple and streamlined way. We do not want you bogged down with paperwork, but focused on what matters most: educating your child.

Parent-Teacher Collaboration

To keep your education plan on track, we set up a minimum of three parent-teacher meetings throughout the school year that can be held at your home, at the school or through online videoconferencing.

These meetings include:

  • An initial program plan review (with Home Education program planning assistance available upon request);
  • A mid-year check-in and review of the program plan; and
  • A final meeting to review your child's portfolio of finished schoolwork.

Ongoing Access to Teacher Support

Our Home Education Teacher is available for consultation at any time.

Support Services

In May 2022, Alberta Education provided a grant to Khan Communication Services to assist traditional home education families with specialized support services and resources that schools and facilitators are not able to provide. Some of the concerns addressed with this program include speech, occupational therapy, mental health, behavioural needs, communication, social skills, and learning.

Accessing these services begins with a screening or consultation process. There is no cost to families for these services. Specific assessments such as Psych Ed can be requested, but the consultant will determine if this is the direction needed. For more information, send an email to or call 780-440-3251 (ext. 1).


Choose your own learning materials, or access school resources. Examples of resources available through Connections for Learning include special materials like math manipulatives that can be loaned out.

School Pictures

Home Education parents may have their child's photo taken during CFL's school picture days.

Friday Activities

Throughout the year, CFL aims to organize monthly activities in which Home Education students can participate. Expenses for each trip vary and are set on a cost-recovery basis. Events focus on enhancing programs already in place as well as providing socialization opportunities.

Activities may include:

  • Sports and physical recreation
  • Arts and crafts
  • STEM 
  • Theatre and music

Home Education Grant

For more information, visit our Home Education Grant page.

Field Trips

Throughout the year, CFL organizes several optional field trips in which Home Education students can participate. Expenses for each trip vary and are set on a cost-recovery basis.

Learning Workshops

CFL provides optional learning workshops by request. This is a great opportunity for Home Education students to build relationships, connect to the community and have lots of fun learning!

Workshop examples include:

  • Literacy
  • Numeracy
  • Health and wellness
  • Artist in Residence visits
  • Learning Games
  • Project-based Learning

Literacy Through the Arts

This is an alternative education program of choice that serves students in Grades 1-6. This program is a partnership between Virtual Learning, Home Education families and the school. Students in the Literacy Through the Arts program attend in-person learning two afternoons per week to complete the program of studies outcomes in Art and Music. Teachers will plan and deliver learning activities designed with a literacy focus meant to complement the Language Arts outcomes completed through your Virtual Leaning or Home Education programming.

Students experience a variety of exciting activities and lessons. Some examples include:

  • Art history appreciation, composition and craftsmanship
  • Experimentation with unique mediums
  • Art reflection and expression
  • Musical awareness
  • Music from around the world
  • Classical composers
  • Problem-solving and design challenges
  • Self-expression and creativity 
  • Working with various genres of literature 

Community-Based Learning Opportunities

CFL values its partnerships within the community. Our students have many opportunities to participate in a variety of community-based programming. Program costs may vary.

Community-Based Learning may include participation in:

  • PLAY Parkland: Students visit the Tri Leisure in Spruce Grove and participate in a variety of activities that foster physical literacy.
  • My PATH: Students connect with and serve their community while participating in physical education, fine arts, technology and health programming.

Designing a Home Education Program Plan 

Home Education parents choose their learning objectives, curriculum and teaching methods to develop their child’s education plan, which may or may not follow Alberta's Programs of Study (POS). Following a learning schedule that fits their family's needs, parents teach and deliver their plan, using assessment tools to evaluate their child's progress. CFL staff can provide program planning assistance upon request.



Home Education Regulation     

Home Education Notification Form

Alberta Programs of Study

K-9 Home Education Program Plan

Community Opportunities

A variety of community opportunities are available to help you enhance your child’s learning experience. These opportunities will be shared on Connections For Learning's social media pages.

Events from previous years have covered such topics as:

  • Cooking
  • Wellness
  • Financial planning
  • Drama
  • STEM
  • Physical literacy
  • Cultural events