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Parent involvement is a key element of programming at Connections For Learning. Obviously with the home education programs available, parent involvement is a foundational element in the delivery and success of student programming. The degree and nature of parent involvement is different in our three home education programs; however, there is flexibility within each program for parents to bring their family’s values and strengths to the forefront to support their child’s education.

For families who have a student enrolled in one of our programs that support students with unique learning needs, parent involvement is also critical given the complex nature of the learning needs of their child. Parents are integrally involved in the development of the student’s Individualized Program Plan (IPP) and communication plans are established with each family.

Given that these alternative programs see educational activities delivered alongside parents, our staff members are accustomed to working closely with parents to keep them informed of student progress, instructional strategies, curriculum needs, etc. Parents are encouraged to establish a close line of communication with their child’s teacher.

Quote From Parent

"As parents, we enjoy those once a month teacher helper days where we have the ability to use our own gifts to not only help our kids, but all their classmates excel. The excitement of being in the actual classroom and teaching, or maybe I should say, “Learning with the kids,” has been an opportunity that we cherish. It makes you proud to be part of such intriguing program. I’ve seen parents taking an active interest in each student, engaging everyone in a fun and creative way. I have sat at some of the PAC meetings and was amazed to think that I actually have a voice, that this program is always evolving and we address the needs and concerns of each family. Then there are the teacher home visits where you can strategize and brainstorm about your child’s educational growth. As well there are workshops you can attend hosted by the teachers, unlimited learning resources, portfolio sharing, field trips, hot lunches, the list just seems to go on and on."

- Kelly, parent of Grade 2 Student

Stronger Together Newsletter

Each month, Parkland School Division's Learning Services team compiles a newsletter for parents and guardians of students. Inside you will find information, opportunities and strategies to help you and your family connect with us on your child's educational journey. Each month we will provide you with information about mental health and ways we can work together to support your family.

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