Home Education Grant

In order to receive their portion of the Home Education Grant, if a family has chosen to home educate with a supervising school authority, the parent must have notified and been accepted by an associate board or associate private school regarding the home education program by September 30.

Students are not eligible for funding if a home education program is accepted after September 30. This includes situations where a student changes from an online or regular program to home education after September 30.

Grant Funding Notification

With Connections for Learning, $901 of funding is available to parents for each student through a grant provided by the Alberta government to support their delivery of the home education program. This money can be spent on resources or learning activities as outlined in the Standards for Home Education Reimbursement.

Please note: For 2023-2024, the Kindergarten amount will be $450.50 for each student. 

Receipts and Educational Expenses Reimbursement Request Forms can be dropped off at our main campus office or submitted via email (to: kristie.steinke@psd.ca) between November and May of each school year. All reimbursements undergo a screening process to ensure purchases fit within the standards before approval.