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School Council & Program Advisory Councils 2021-2022

School Council & Program Advisory Councils

Connections for Learning is a unique and diverse school with many programs (Stony Creek Core, Stony Creek Parent Partnership, Outreach, Y(our) Program, Virtual Learning, Parkland Student Athlete Academy, Home Education). In all of these programs parent engagement and feedback is extremely valuable to us in working together to ensure all of our students in all of our programs experience success. We are aiming to provide parent engagement opportunities in two ways:

1) School Council - applicable to all programs in Connections for Learning. Ideally, we would like representation from all programs at our school council meetings. (3-4 meetings per year).

2) Program Advisory Council - applicable to specific programs and is a great opportunity to provide feedback and volunteerism for specific programs. Currently we have an established PAC for Stony Creek programming and would like to establish these meetings for other programs as well. (monthly/semi-monthly meetings).

The purpose of this survey  is to gauge interest in both the whole school CFL School Council and specific program advisory councils. We encourage you to take a minute to complete this short survey and let us know if you would be interested in one of these opportunities.

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