Criteria & Considerations

The Parent Partnership program is a great fit for students and families who are looking for:

  • Small class sizes
  • More flexibility within their schedule
  • Increased collaboration between home and school
  • A means for parents to take ownership of their children's learning by contributing to program delivery

It is our goal for all students and families to be successful within the Parent Partnership program. Please review the following criteria and considerations to determine if this program is for you.

Criteria for Parent Partnership Students & Parents

Students enrolled in the Parent Partnership Program should have the ability to:

  • Work successfully in multi-graded classes
  • Cooperate with new adults (members from the community/parents of other students) on a regular basis
  • Complete subject requirements outside of the school environment (i.e. at home or in the community)
  • Adjust quickly and be open to new learning opportunities

Parents/Guardians of Parent Partnership students should have the ability to:

  • Provide programming at home or within an alternate environment
  • Meet with school staff to discuss out-of-school programming
  • Participate in mandated parent volunteer days in order to foster a partnership between home and school

Considerations for Choosing Parent Partnership

Before choosing to enrol their child in the Parent Partnership program, parents/guardians should consider the following:

  • Students work in a multi-graded classroom.
  • Students often collaborate with their grade-level peers, as well as with students in other grades.
  • Teachers design the learning and oversee parent volunteers, who deliver aspects of each lesson.
  • The learning facility is designed with multiple exits and open-concept classrooms, with limited alternative learning spaces for one-on-one activities.
  • Multiple transitions happen within both the school day and the school year, requiring students to stay flexible and adjust independently.
  • Classes may involve levels of noise and movement that are high enough to overwhelm students with sensory processing issues.
  • As it incorporates several cross-disciplinary projects, the Parent Partnership schedule is not exactly the same every day and is less well-suited to students who desire (or require) routine.