How to Register

There are four steps to the Parent Partnership registration process.

Step 1: Parkland School Division Registration

Complete a Parkland School Division Registration Form, and select Connections For Learning as your school and Parent Partnership as your program of choice.

Please Note: Choosing Parent Partnership on the PSD Registration Form indicates that the student wishes to apply for the program - it does not guarantee the student's acceptance into the program. Program acceptance occurs only after completing the remaining steps of the registration process and receiving confirmation of acceptance from Connections For Learning.

PSD Registration

Step 2: Complete Application Survey

After submitting a PSD Registration form, each applicant will receive an email with a link to the Parent Partnership Application Survey. Please complete and submit this survey as soon as possible.

Application surveys will be reviewed by Connections For Learning staff to confirm registration and ensure that this program has the capacity to support the student.

Step 3: Review Process

Connections For Learning staff will review all applications. Elements of the review process may include contacting the student's previous teacher and administration and/or conducting a family interview.

Step 4: Admission

Parent Partnership is a program of choice. In order to be successful in the program, students must display a high standard of independence and engagement. We also require parents/guardians to be active participants in our program. Our goal is for every Parent Partnership student to be successful; however, we know that this program may not be the best fit for every student due to its unique nature. 

Once all the pertinent information has been collected and reviewed, a decision will be made regarding the student’s application. Applicants will be contacted by Connections For Learning staff at this time.